How to Receive Packages Safely from Royzon

Royzon Parcel Delivery

COVID-19 has tremendously affected the way we shop online. Medical experts have known reiterated the importance of hygiene, wiping surfaces, wearing masks and gloves, and keeping your distance especially while outdoors. But little has been said about how to safely receive packages at your house.

The questions on many online shoppers’ minds are:

  1. Are the packages that get delivered to our homes safe from COVID-19?
  2. How long can I expect my package (are there delays?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding exactly how long the Coronavirus lives on surfaces. This debate has extended to the issue of online packages sent via mail. Can they pick up COVID-19  while in transit through the various distribution centers? This is a valid question. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) both agree that contracting COVID-19 from online shopping packages is highly unlikely. 

Regarding delays, this is unavoidable during this period. The reason why your packages may be slightly delayed is:

  1. The distribution centers are short-staffed
  2. IMports are delayed at ports of entry due to COVID-19 shortages and lockdowns in the source countries or states.

Regardless of all the above factors, Royzon commits to ensuring that every order is processed in a timely manner. Customers have reported speedy delivery. We recommend that you observe all the necessary guidelines mandated by your local health authorities.