100PCS Nose Bridge Strips, 90mm Aluminum Strips Nose Wire, Self Adhesive Metal Flat Nose Clips Nose Bridge Bracket DIY Wire for Sewing Crafts

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【High quality material】 The Aluminium nose bridge stripe can be bent freely and maintain its intended shape. Aluminium nose bridge Metal bracket made of rust-free aluminium, with self-adhesive, is particularly stable, but very light, thin, flexible and deformable.

【Perfect protection】 The metal strips fit snugly around the bridge of your nose and are perfect for covering your nose and mouth—the ideal upgrade for your craft projects.

【DIY mask-making One Size Fits All】 It is 90mm long and 5mm wide, 0.5mm thick. You don’t need to cut the nose bridge strips yourself. It is very suitable for all kinds of DIY craft projects. Our rounded nose clip edges are smooth and do not harm skin or mask, are perfect for sticking or sewing in DIY mask making.

【Comfortable to wear】 Particularly flexible material of the metal bracket for the DIY mask makes it easy and quick to adapt to any face shape. It has the excellent property of bending and deforming under the action of external force, No rebounding without the action of external force, and keeping the existing shape unchanged.

【Widely use】 The nose bridge holder made of aluminium can be used for all types of masks, sculptures, wire weaving, decorating, handicrafts, beadwork, jewellery making, florist arrangements, handmade DIY masks, gardening or packaging.



100 PCS Nose Bridge for Mask for DIY Mask Making

Why we need it?When wearing a breathing mask, this nose wire can help cover the nose and mouth tightly,
They are preventing dust from entering the mouth, nose and fogging the glasses, causing trouble.

Why choose us?Our upgraded design of mask nose bridge can fit close to the bridge of your nose, compared with the ordinary mask-wearing nose,
Suitable for adults, children, men and women and all varieties of face masks.

Product informationProduct name: Nose Bridge Strips for Mask
Size: 90 * 5 * 05mm / 3.54 * 0.02 * 0.002inch
Material: The material is Rustproof aluminium, with self-adhesive.

Product Features
√ Light, rustproof and flexible by hand thanks to thin aluminium with a thickness of 0.5mm.
√ This aluminium strips nose wire is washable and durable, straightforward to care for.
√ The aluminium cuts can be bent into the right fit by hand and keep their shape.
√ Great for craft projects, jewellery making, decorating, florist arranging, mask handmade DIY, gardening, or wrapping.

Summary of the product features:
– 100% Safe and Durable
– Bent as you like
– Strong Self-Adhesive Back
– Super Lightweight for optimal comfort

Package included: 100 pcs x Nose bridge stripe
Size: 90mm x 5mm x 0.5mm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 0.7g/pcs
Colour: White

1. Keep away from children under three years old to prevent accidental injury.
2. Please note the photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details.
3. Colour may vary very slightly due to the colour calibration of each monitor


√ We will deliver face mask wire from the British warehouse to you, and you will receive the goods within 2-5 days.