5PCS Adjustable Ear Mask Extender Strap Hook


  • 【Widely used】Doctors, students, security, cashiers who work in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and other places who need to wear masks for a long time are very suitable for our products. Ideal for people who wear ear hearing aids to wear masks. Suitable for freeing your ears when wearing Bluetooth headsets, hearing aids and glasses
  • 【Good material】It is Made of food-grade silicone, reusable, Washable, soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly. Fashionable five colours will not be confused, stylish with personality. The five colours are; Black, Blue, Pink, White and Yellow.
  • 【Advanced design】It has four levels of adjustable levels, whether it is long hair or short hair for adults or children, and it is suitable for all sizes of head circumference. It has a double vent design, convection wicking, and ideal for long-term use.
  • 【Dimensions】The record size of the product is 15.5cm / 2.0cm / 0.5cm long (the hook height is 0.5cm), which can be folded, bent, light and portable.
  • 【Function Introduction】By changing the force point of the hanger of the mask, the friction between the ear hanger and the ear can be reduced to lessen the burden of the ear. It is suitable for people who use masks for a long time. The degree of sealing of the mask can be adjusted according to the wearing position and the hook position. It is safer in harsh working conditions.


Product description

Strap Extender 2020 LATEST DESIGN It is made of food-grade silicone and has five colour designs, namely Black, Light Blue, Pink, White, and Yellow. Suitable for people of all genders. Three sets of hooks are adjustable, suitable for adults and children with different head circumference. How to wear Depending on the wearing position, there will be different effects. There are three ways to wear it, and you can wear it on the neck, behind the head, or above the ponytail. Reinforce different parts of the mask through different directions of action. These are the easiest ways. It will not burden ears or other places. When worn on the neck, there will be a downward force to tighten the upper part of the mask. It reduces mist leakage. Suitable for people who wear glasses If you are a lady and have braids, you can wear them on top of the ponytail so that you can tighten the mask and prevent it from falling off. Easy to use and easy to carry. Silicone material Reusable & Washable Multi-hook adjustment Multiple wearing methods EDC-Every Day Carry Anti-slip design.