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  • 2021 Update – The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller use the dual ultrasonic, and electromagnetic chips work simultaneously to disorientate the hearing and nervous system of pests to quickly and powerfully drive them away. It can drive away from most types of flying and crawling pests such as mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, fleas, ants, fruit flies, etc.
  • Safe for humans and Pets – The ultrasonic frequency is inaudible to humans and pets, it is animal-friendly, environmental-friendly, and safe for children. Non-Toxic & Chemical Free, the ultrasonic pest repeller is 100% guaranteed safe for your family members and pets.
  • Wide Coverage – The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is useful in an indoor area up to 1600 sq. ft. It’s widely used in homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, etc. Recommend you install one for each room because the ultrasound cannot penetrate walls and solid objects. As for large storage area with Vermin, we suggest install two or more devices.
  • Easy To Use – Just plug the Pest Control repellent into the socket. Please make sure to install it vertically 120cm away from the floor. And make sure there are no barriers like curtains or cabinets covering in front of the repellent. Most customers can see the results within 2-3 weeks! Then we can say goodbye to Vermin!
  • Quiet And Effective: Upgraded Ultrasonic repellent working with low-frequency ultrasound waves, which means that it gives you extremely silent pest control and can’t disturb you and your pets.
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Product description

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent – Electronic Pest Repeller Control Plug-In for Insect, Ants, Mice, Bugs, Flea, Mouse, Fly, Spiders, Roaches, Mosquitoes, 2021 UPGRADED Version.

Colour: white

Are you disappointed with the effectiveness of traditional methods and general products that repel pests?
Ultrasonic insect repellent definitely deserves your attention.
Advanced technology: ultrasound + electromagnetic, double wave frequency conversion technology, can penetrate walls and other solid objects and physical methods to guide parasites, effective use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and 100% safe for children and pets.

– Effective against all parasites: spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, rats, mice, insects, bedbugs, fruit flies, bats, ants, and more
– Non-toxic and ecological: organic, without chemicals, without odour and annoying liquids
– Double microchip: double power, double guarantee. High performance and multiple frequencies of ultrasonic waves.
Easy to install, with no settings Coverage area: up to 100 square feet

1. It should be installed 80-100cm above the ground and vertical to the floor.
2. Preferably, the device must be installed far from carpets, curtains, fridges and other furniture which may interfere with the frequency.
3. Please use a dry, soft cloth for quick washing without using soaps
4. Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through walls and solid objects. Therefore a device adapts to a room, for a better result, please use several units in large areas.

PLEASE NOTE: you would find an increase in insects as they emerge from their burrows and try to leave the area. Also, be sure to use the device for at least 3-4 weeks for satisfactory results.


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